#ItalianFlavors :: The Broccoletti Meditation (with recipe)

Have you ever heard of “Friarielli”? The tender tips of broccoli rabe? #AppetibilisMoment

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Broccoletti ©OrsolaCirielloKogan Broccoletti ©OrsolaCirielloKogan

This year I chose to keep my new year resolutions as basic as possible: rise early, meditate and eat healthy(ish). Hoping to be persistent and thinking that I could always add up to the list 😎

Best tip? “Start easy. I’ve learned to put my lofty goals aside and start with the easy-peasy” ~Christian Allaire

[1] Rising early? It’s doable. [2] Eating healthy(ish)? So far so good. [3] Being consistent with meditation? Oops. 😳

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