Postcards from Trento (Trentino Alto Adige) June 2019 | Photo: ©OrsolaCirielloKogan

#ItalianFlavors :: A weekend in Trento traveling + cooking

Thanks to the Istituto di Tutela Grappa del Trentino (Institute for the protection of Grappa of Trentino), and AIFB (Italian Association of Food Bloggers, of which I am a member), I’m back from a wonderful trip to Trento where the Institute organized a Food Contest dedicated to cooking with local grappas: La Grappa del Trentino … Continue reading #ItalianFlavors :: A weekend in Trento traveling + cooking

Dreaming of a Swedish Christmas

In the highlight of Swedish Christmas, on the 24th of December, friends and families are celebrating ... waiting for Santa to knock at the door with his sack of presents. Just as "la Vigilia di Natale" in the south of Italy where, while waiting for Santa, we also eat, drink and celebrate. (The same applies … Continue reading Dreaming of a Swedish Christmas

Fettuccine senza glutine :: #GF Tasting Notes

Gluten free fresh fettuccine | Photo ©OCKstyle

It may seem taken for granted for Italians to expect pasta to be “al dente”, but when we deal with gluten-free dishes, “al dente” is not that “obvious” any more…

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È noto che gli italiani si aspettino che la pasta sia al dente, ma quando questa è senza glutine non è poi cosi ovvio, specialmente se fatta in casa.

For Gluten Free Handmade Fettuccine, Click Here!

È da un bel po’ che testo ricette ma a dire il vero non mi sono mai avventurata nel campo della pasta fresca senza glutine. Da quando sono passata alla dieta senza glutine non mangio quasi mai la pasta, non sono ancora riuscita a trovare una marca che mi piaccia veramente.

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#ChefsNight :: Scents and Flavours of Dalarna (Sweden) in Rome


#ChefsNight :: A Roma i “Sapori e profumi della Dalecarlia” Svezia #appetibilis #travelbites

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Chefs-Night-Roma ©OCKstyle Chefs Night :: 19 ottobre 2017 Ambasciata di Svezia
Photo ©OCKstyle

I’m always enthusiastic about new things, especially when they are food related. So when I got the invitation from The Swedish Embassy in Rome and my friend Chef Görgen Tidén I’ve been counting the days to open a window on the Swedish cuisine and to try their food.

[#ChefsNight :: A Roma i “Sapori e profumi della Dalecarlia” Svezia]

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Roman Holidays :: Colosseum [Collage]

"Six mistakes mankind keeps making century after century: Believing that personal gain is made by crushing others; Worrying about things that cannot be changed or corrected; Insisting that a thing is impossible because we cannot accomplish it; Refusing to set aside trivial preferences; Neglecting development and refinement of the mind; Attempting to compel others to … Continue reading Roman Holidays :: Colosseum [Collage]


On the bridge, under the bridge… NYC

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.” ~Confucius Holiday Snapshots :: New York City Bridges :: On the bridge, under the bridge... | photo: ©ockstyle