#ItalianFlavors :: A weekend in Trento traveling + cooking

The spirited venison fillet by Chef Orsola Ciriello Kogan. In the kitchen of Palazzo Roccabruna, Trento | Photo: ©ValentinaAffusto
The spirited venison fillet by Chef Orsola Ciriello Kogan, Trento | Photo: ©ValentinaAffusto

Thanks to the Istituto di Tutela Grappa del Trentino (Institute for the protection of Grappa of Trentino), and AIFB (Italian Association of Food Bloggers, of which I am a member), I’m back from a wonderful trip to Trento where the Institute organized a Food Contest dedicated to cooking with local grappas: La Grappa del Trentino nel piatto.

Have you ever considered cooking with Grappas? Well, you should! Here’s the post about the event, with a delicious step-by-step recipe via appetibilis.net

The region Trentino Alto Adige has a considerable monumental and environmental sites of great interest and Trento (the region capital) is one of it.
Below some images of my weekend in Trento…

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~ Trentino deserves a place on any Northern Italy road trip! It’s packed with wineries, castles, old towns, mountainous and lake scenery offering lots of outdoors activities and fantastic hikes…