On Travel, Apps and Reddit Karma

Marrakech, the city of 1001 nights, is the place where art director Ben Lambers had his renaissance as a photographer… |


Pirate Bay co-founder to release Hemlis encrypted messaging app. It looks to provide users with an accessible app that protects their information… |

Celebrities Are Just Like Us: Desperately Seeking Reddit Karma. “It’s incredibly valuable. It’s a terrific platform for engaging talent with a massive audience…” |


Distinctly human but often misunderstood, creativity is fundamental to life… Eight principles of creativity | Landor Associates

Why do we give up our sacred space so easily? What Happened to Downtime? The Extinction of Deep Thinking & Sacred Space | 99U

HootSuite launches an RSS reader, Syndicator, for social media managers. “When you’re under pressure to push content through your social channels, the number one challenge is producing high quality, relevant content…” | VentureBeat


The Pantone Project. a photographer who matches snippets of his everyday life to the solid blocks of color of the brand Pantone… | Fubiz™

“Let’s leave everything here, and go have life-altering epiphanies about the beauty of nature…” How to Survive a Forced Tech Detox (AKA Summer Vacation) |

Travel Guide: From museums to meals, playgrounds to pit stops, here is some carefully culled advice for covering the city right… New York for Kids |

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