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Addictions :: Touchscreen, Creativity and… “No Dogs Beyond This Point”

Think about the first time you picked up an iPod, iPhone or iPad and experienced the touchscreen as an extension of your fingertips… Harnessing the Power of Surprise: Change Observer: Design Observer

photo © Theron Humphrey.

photo © Theron Humphrey.

There comes a time in life when you start questioning things… Theron Humphrey’s Maddie on Things | Yatzer

Characters similar to "tree" Noma Bar

Characters similar to “tree” Noma Bar

Entrepreneur and venture capitalist has developed a simple methodology called Chineasy, it uses illustrations to break down and teach Chinese characters | (Wired UK)

Why Your iPhone Addiction Is Snuffing Your Creativity | Fast Company | Business Innovation

Psychology of Color [Infographic] | WebpageFX Blog

Morphee smartphones will flex and bend according to what you’re doing (Wired UK)

Food Meditations

Food Meditations Times

* Crazy 60s weight loss tips and North Korea Beers
* Food Presentation, Fried Chicken and The Perfect Pizza
* Bee Larvae Beer and… Insects. (Why do people love to see models eating?)


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