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Scrapbook 1993 “Hotel Oktyabrskaya”

“We do not remember days, we remember moments. The richness of life lies in memories we have forgotten” ~Cesare Pavese

A Monday afternoon in a hotel room in Moscow, Russia. A fashion catalog, a stick of glue, watercolor pencils, markers, crayons… and the most unusual toilet paper I’ve ever saw.


Parfum.. Scrapbook 1993 “Hotel Oktyabrskaya” ©ockstyle


Menswear… Scrapbook 1993 “Hotel Oktyabrskaya” ©ockstyle


Night gown… Scrapbook 1993 “Hotel Oktyabrskaya” ©ockstyle


Blazer details… Scrapbook 1993 “Hotel Oktyabrskaya” ©ockstyle


Portraits… Scrapbook 1993 “Hotel Oktyabrskaya” ©ockstyle

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