Weekly Roundup
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Timing, Work Smarter Instead of Harder.

Delightful illustrations and recipes… Lucy Eldridge Illustrates Her Version of Breakfast Trendland: Design Blog & Trend Magazine

06 GETAWAY-HotelTweets

New Skins. As the world of 3D printing evolves, Francis Bitoni Studios is staying ahead of innovation’s steep curve… | trendtablet.com

A Scientific Guide To Maximizing Your Impact On Twitter, Facebook, And Other Digital Media | fastcompany.com

How do you find the vegan at the dinner party? Rules for entertaining, Slate’s guide to being a great host and gracious guest. Rule No. 4: Compromise on food restrictions. slate.com

Al Vernacchio: Sex needs a new metaphor. Here’s one …

What Happens When You Add a Silly Putty Ingredient to Sand? You Get “Kinetic Sand” core77.com


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