Inspiration in Food n Art, Startup Culture and Responsible Media

An artist interests in food and painting, hence the idea of combining both, choosing desserts, candies and ice creams as a main theme, creating some original still lifes… At Granny’s House | Picame – Daily dose of creativity

Startup Culture‘s Lack Of Diversity Stifles Innovation. That “something” is the fact that startup founders are missing out on great ideas because they mainly create apps for people like themselves… | Fast Company | Business Innovation

Inspiration, Clever Animation About the bouts of procrastination and productivity that make up the Creative Process |

Currently titled “GeneGame”, smartphone users of the app will be analysing genetic data and helping to pinpoint the genetic causes of cancer as they play, to help crowdsource cancer research |

Startups have made it so much easier for peer-to-peer buying and bartering these days. A New App Will Let You Share Your Leftovers With Strangers | All Tech Considered : NPR

Users with access to the bitcoin exchange the currency via an encrypted peer-to-peer software system over the web or by mobile telephony… Alternative Currency Bitcoin Poised to Grow in Africa and Beyond |

Stardust portrait online exhibition’s Photostream | Flickr

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