Celebrity Creative Directors, Duchamp and Fashion Perils

BlackBerry + Alicia Keys, Reebok + Swizz Beatz, Diet Coke + Marc Jacobs… Why them? A Field Guide to Celebrity Creative Directors – Businessweek


Dancing around Duchamp season. This spring the Barbican embraces chance, provocation and humour in an international season celebrating Marcel Duchamp… | Barbican

Style has trumped safety and comfort for centuries… The Perils of Wearing Clothes | Threaded

Siggi Eggertsson’s Optimistic Icelandic Illustrations. The work is vivid enough to put you in a trace-like state… |

Toxic Threads | Greenpeace International

Food Meditations
Food Meditations Times

* Gangsta Gardening, Dry-Aging Beef Guide and The Perfect Sushi
* Innovation Through Food, Russian Lavka and How to Use Grains
* Cocktail Hour: 30 Shots and Vodka Cocktails

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